Do you ever get that feeling, when you’re reading a textbook, that you have absolutely no idea what you just read and even though you’ve finished the page you’re pretty sure your eyes were glazed over the entire time? I do! Pretty much every time I try to complete a homework assignment 😉 Now don’t get me wrong, I weirdly do enjoy the bulk of my schoolwork and one of the best parts about college is that I get to choose classes that actually interest me. I’m also not one to get tired very easily during the day, so what could have me distracted from the past 3 pages in my Criminal Justice text (which, by the way, I would recommend to any Law & Order fanatic such as myself, it is so interesting!)? If we’re being honest I probably have to blame my inattentiveness on the fact that as I read, music is blaring from my computer, and I can’t resist the need to sing along and bop my head to the beat. Why then do I keep the music on when I know it’s distracting me and why do I insist on writing papers in front of the television?! I am sure I’m not the only person… actually I know I’m not the only person who feels the need to do two things at once considering my roommate is usually right there on the couch next to me doing her homework as we try to Keep Up with The Kardashians.

I am a talker, always have been (Most Talkative in High School, I won that pretty much unanimously) and to me silence is equal to boredom, so even when I’m alone and grudgingly admit to myself that “Yes, I actually do have work to do” having my iPod or TV on makes me feel more in my element.  I am definitely in that camp of students who believe they do all of their best work under pressure with as many distractions as possible, a true child born in the era of technology. And as much as I would love to deny it (Hey, I still have a phone that only makes phones calls!) I am always connected to the media in some form or another.

This past weekend I had the final round of spring recruitment for my sorority and I as I chatted to the new girls trying to get to know them as best as possible in thirty minutes or less, it became blatantly obvious to me just how much media affects our daily lives even when it is not right there in front of our faces. After countless conversations of “What’s your major? Where are you from?” and believe me there are only so many times you can oooh and aaah over both being from Maryland, I began to talk about their interests hoping to find common ground. DING, DING DING! We have a Winner! Turns out I could talk to one person for hours about how Virgin Diaries is one of the weirdest shows on television, and that we both stay up late just to catch Miranda Lambert on Chelsea Lately.  And then as the party wraps up there are always the last-minute questions about whether they are on Twitter and what their name is so I can follow them, meaning that even as this girl leaves and though she may not end up being in my sorority we will forever be connected through….wait for it…. Mass Media!

The end of the weekend finally came, and with it I was finally able to relax after being up and at ‘em for three days straight. Yet as I lay in bed unwinding from my hectic schedule, media was still ever-present, as I grabbed for the magazine next to my bed and read about Gwyneth Paltrow’s daily exercise routine (2 hours/5 days a week, Eek!) and flipped over ads pressuring me to buy even more media, Glamour for your iPad of course! As I slowly started to get tired I put down my magazine and….picked up my
iPod, putting in my headsets hoping that sweet tunes of John Mayer could lull me into a deep sleep.

If there is one main thing I could take away from this past weekend, besides the fact that smiling for five straight hours HURTS, it’s that the mass media is a part of my life almost every minute of every day! Even when it is not right there in front of my face, what goes on in the media tends to always be a topic of discussion for me whether it is with my friends or total strangers, it seems to be that media is a lot  more present than one would imagine.

And yes, I did listen to my 90’s Pop station on Pandora as I wrote this entry, I guess some people never learn 🙂