This past Tuesday I went out and celebrated Mardi Gras, and as much fun as I had eating whatever I wanted throughout the day (it was Fat Tuesday after all!) and dancing the night away, for some people the only thing they were thinking about was the next morning, Ash Wednesday also known as the beginning of Lent. Lent is a Christian observance of penance and in today’s modern world it is best known as the forty days when one gives up something that normally they cannot go without in their day-to-day lives. Although I do not take part (I have heard enough stories from my dad about “When he was a kid….” and what he would give up for Lent to last me a lifetime) I got a taste of what it feels like to restrain from doing something that is a part of your everyday routine.  After a weekend of media overload, I decided to try to refrain from my normal use of mass media, meaning no Facebook, Twitter, TV, Books or Music for two whole days and keeping my texting to a minimum (of course I couldn’t totally keep away from my phone, my mom calls about four times a day 🙂 ). If you think it sounds difficult, believe me it was! I had to squash the urge to just hop on my computer about 15 times a day, do you know how hard it is to check your email but not click on one of Yahoo’s front-page stories that catches your eye?!

I felt totally out of the loop! Lunch with my friends wasn’t as fun when I couldn’t discuss Tuesday night’s episode of Glee with them (and yes I did pull the “fingers
in my ear, I can’t hear you, lalalalala” trick) or add to the latest drama because “No, I did not know so-and-so broke up”.  Needless to say my friends gave up on trying to explain the picture they saw on Pinterest to me, and told me to just wait a day when I rejoined the “real world”.

On the bright side? I have absolutely no homework to worry about this upcoming weekend as my boredom led to me getting ahead on my schoolwork. Presentation due next Thursday? Done! Exam in a week and a half? The study guide is all ready to go! On top of all this I re-organized my spring wardrobe and actually spent time with my friends face-to-face as opposed to Skype (she lives in a different apartment complex it’s so much easier to video chat than actually walk over to see her, it’s like I’m basically in the room anyways right?!) and that was nice.

If I’m being honest then yes I did seem to accomplish much more when I wasn’t looking at dresses I can’t afford online, but at the same time I did feel out of the picture not knowing what was going on in the media-centric world that we live in. As much as I love newspapers and I am a devoted Towerlight reader, it is much easier to get all of my information, personal and public, from one source: the internet. Do you really think that the Jeremy Lin craze would have exploded so much in the past two weeks as it has, if it wasn’t for social networking sites? I for one didn’t really know much about him until all of my sports enthusiast friends’ statuses and tweets revolved around this one basketball player. I don’t even remember ‘Melo getting this much hype when he first joined the team. But this is the reality that we live in, media drives everything we do whether we realize it or not and as consumers we add to this mass media motivated lifestyle.

Now if you’ll excuse me I must go check my Facebook, even though I’m 99% sure nothing has happened since I last looked about seven minutes ago, still I don’t want to miss out!